Video: Our Moment

“Witness this moment in history turned blaze again…but will you be the fire this time? Will you be catalyst and combustion? Will you claim the torch?”

These inspiring words by poet Mayda del Valle — set to motion, photography, and song through the video “Our Moment,” produced for PolicyLink by Wyatt Closs and Big Bowl of Ideas -- brought 3,000 people to their feet during the opening of Equity Summit 2015. We trust the video will ignite, expand, and advance the conversation on equity! Please share the video widely, using #ClaimTheTorch. 

Focus Areas

Delivering the promise of equity requires attention to people and places, which are integrally connected. PolicyLink focus areas underscore this commitment to people and place, recognizing that a full range of opportunities are essential for all to succeed, thrive, and prosper.

Equity Summit 2015

As cities come back, leaders must bake equity and inclusion into their growth strategies. This paper shares cross-cutting practices and an eight-point policy framework to build equitable, thriving cities. Read about it and the initiative at All-In Cities page.

Read the post "Obama Administration Announces New Pilot to Help Disconnected Youth at Equity Summit 2015"; the announcement was made as part of the All-In Cities plenary, at Equity Summit 2015.


Over the next few weeks, Equity Blog will feature a dozen first-person accounts of Equity Summit 2015. Each guest blog post will focus in on a particular session, plenary, or workshop — offering readers insight into and reflection on the Summit experience. See Summit Snapshot: Race, Place, and Datasets: Harnessing Disaggregated Data for Policy Wins and Summit Snapshot: The Future of Equity in Place, Race, and Economy.

It begins by joining together, believing in the potency of inclusion, and building from a common bond. It embraces complexity as cause for collaboration, accepting that our fates are inextricable.

It recognizes local leaders as national leaders, nurturing the wisdom and creativity within every community as essential to solving the nation’s problems...

Read full manifesto.


PLENARY ARCHIVES AVAILABLE SOON: We'll have archives of the three summit plenaries soon, and will send an email announcement to our network. (Place, Race, and Economy: Winning on Equity in the 21st Century; All-In Cities: Building an Equitable Economy from the Ground Up; and Building a Multiracial, Multigenerational Equity Movement..) For now, please connect with us on Twitter.

Equity Blog

Check out the latest from Equity Blog, a project of PolicyLink to help nurture and inspire the nation’s equity movement. The growing equity community is united in bringing greater opportunity to all Americans — especially those from low-income communities and communities of color — by focusing on creating healthy, stable, and equitable communities.

HFFI has reached a crucial point and needs your help. We very much need the support of your members – ask them to support HFFI as part of the FY16 appropriations package.

PolicyLink is pleased to announce that Angela Glover Blackwell has been named to the newly created Community Advisory Council (CAC) of the Federal Reserve Board. 

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